Lots in a Small Space

When I work with a client who has angst about renovating a small kitchen – I look at it as a challenge with many possibilities. It is an opportunity to create something better than that client could have imagined. The kitchen is the central room in any living environment, whether it's in a sprawling suburban home, or the tiniest space of a New York City apartment. Kitchens all have one thing in common: they need to be approached like a laboratory. A kitchen has a purpose - you use it to cook, store supplies and food; it's the starting point to entertainment, whether for family or friends. AND there is more communication in this room than any room in the house!

Along with my clients, we determine how they move around the kitchen and what they take for granted – rather than examine how the kitchen works or doesn't work in their favor. Once this is established, we create a kitchen with more functionality than they had before and more storage for all the household needs. We all find amazement in what can be found in the smallest of spaces.