Mansions & Millionaires 2011 Designer's Show House

Upper Brookville, New York


Travel and Art have been the two most important influences that have inspired me.When studying at Parsons School of Design, one of her instructors, the world famous interior designer John Saladino, reinforced this idea by stating to his students that travel is one of the most important tools that a designer can use. It exposes one to different cultures, histories, colors and textures that will inevitably inspire and enrich one's work.

My own travels and the history of this home are the inspiration for this welcoming guest room for the worldly traveler. In this room, I play homage to the first and original owners, Charles Oliver Iselin of New York, noted yachtsman and philanthropist, and his wife Hope Goddard of Newport, yachtswoman and racehorse owner. They married in 1894 and in 1895 she was the first woman to be a crew member in the 32nd America Cup competition.

In deference to this prominent family I use early 19th century elements. The elegant period writing desk resting on the oriental design rug is enhanced by using the classic color palette of the period. The Iselin's passion for sailing is recreated in the 20th century boating pictures.

Combining history and travel, I can comfortably add the style of the next owners of the house: the actress and singer Pia Zadora and her husband Meshulam Riklis, married in 1977.


The window and canopy treatment of the bed highlights Hollywood glamour. Pia is famous for her love of color. Using the hot accents of orange, pink and red, which were rampant in the 70's and 80's, I can blend two historical periods with the styles of two very different couples.

Nowadays computers and technology have made our lives faster, leaving little time to approach the scent of a rose, the colors in sunsets.In this room, one will find the time to enjoy period furniture, historical highlights and savor patterns and colors inspired by two famous couples.

A guest room can also be your own very special retreat in which to delight.

Collect what intrigues you: family mementos, books, art from your travels, photos, even musical instruments, and always remember a favorite desk.

Create a room that takes you into a quiet space, where you can get lost in your thoughts, as well as a room that is welcoming to your traveling guest.

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