Remodeling and Home Design

Carnegie Hill Classic Pre-War Apartment
- Master Bedroom

Sometimes, besides listening to what my clients require of their space, I listen to the space itself. Just by standing in the doorway - a room speaks to me. The shape of the room or, the placement of a window or door, bombard me with ideas. Throw in the input and needs of my clients - and the room materializes. In this case, the room’s orientation ruled that the bed should float in front of the main window. This kept a clear path to the entry and to the master bath. The bed would become the focal point, especially since we were discussing the use of a dramatic four-poster! - The GLITCH - the concern that the air conditioning would blow on my client’s head.

That’s when Plan B arose: we re-oriented the bed at the side wall – less dramatic – and interrupted my back up wall for additional storage. Using a four-poster bed at the new location would throw off the balance of the room so we decided to create “a four-poster room” within the room. We expanded the normal boundaries of a four-poster and created four columns that encapsulated the sleeping-sitting area from the dressing, storage and traffic areas of the room. These four posters were columns that included additional storage inside, along with the main wall of closets.

We did not lose function or flow and certainly did not diminish the sublime drama that my clients were eager to achieve.

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