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Your Room, Your Color- But Use Quality Paint!

Pat Gericke ShowroomA Terrific Space and Beautiful Furniture DESERVE Quality Paint

It’s a fantastic space and the renovation is going well. You’ve selected some beautiful furniture and everything seems to be turning out just the way you envisioned it. Now you’re down to selecting the paint (possibly one of the most important decisions of all) and here comes trouble in the form of “why can’t we use a less expensive paint?” and “why are there 200 shades of white?” Sigh.

Picking the right paint is truly a combination of art and science and “nailing it perfectly” takes years and years of work and experience. Think about it, when you walk into a room oftentimes the very first thing that you notice is the paint and lighting. The furniture and accessories are important of course but they come next; the paint is what you notice immediately.

Given how incredibly important it is to the overall look and feel of your room, doesn’t it make sense to pick the very best, highest quality paint that is available?

Still not sure? Here are some other things to consider:

A quality paint provides much better coverage and can often do the job in just one coat versus the two often required by less quality paint. (Given that cost is often one of the reasons that people select a less expensive paint, it may wind up being more economical to select the higher quality (and more expensive paint) as you will need to use less of it AND it will last longer too.

One of the most complicated parts of the painting process is actually picking the color and finish itself. With thousands to choose from and multiple brands even amongst the higher quality lines, it is a highly complex decision. Some of the things that MUST be taken into consideration are:

• What is the light source?
• What is the natural light exposure?
• What’s your vision for the room? Dramatic? Peaceful?
• What is the time of functional usage of the room??

Here again lighting plays an enormous role in your decision-making. Rest assured that quality paints enable you to get the true color that you selected without having it flare into a different color in varied lighting. (This holds true even when you have selected a white paint as many of them have strong undertones that change the appearance of the paint radically depending upon the light quality.)

A quality paint’s uncolored, brilliant white base allows for more subtleties and luminosity that you will not get in lesser quality paints. In most cases, a higher end paint will use 30% more pigments than the mass market alternatives.
Where possible, try to find paints with low VOC’s. VOCs can cause acute symptoms, including headaches and dizziness. High quality paints use high quality pigments which do not add unhealthy levels of VOC’s, lesser quality paints use inferior pigments which add much higher VOC levels.

Need help in this most important part of the decision process? Contact me and I’d be happy to provide some additional pointers to ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome.