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Thought provoking Exhibits at Brooklyn Museum of Art

This week I participated in an Art Tour offered by Artful Circle to the Brooklyn Museum specifically for a tour and lecture through two inspiring exhibits.

The first was to explore the artwork of Ai Wei Wei, the activist who was held under house arrest for 81 days by Totalitarian Chinese Government.   Not only is he an artist, but also a filmmaker, photographer and writer.   There were two pieces that struck me, one as a designer whereby he followed the concept of the ancient Chinese storage cabinetry and turned it into a contemporary sculpture of several units set in a row and looking through the round cutout – when lined up with a particular placement of each cutout cast the total spectrum of the moon’s lunar phases.     ai wei wei cabinet - moon phases cutout

When a major earthquake hit one of the provinces of China that totally destroyed a village and its school killing over 5000 school children – Ai Wei Wei created this snake from the backpacks of these children that was uncovered whiling digging in hopes of finding survivors.   This snake hangs from the ceiling of the exhibit hall.      THIS IS AN EXHIBIT THAT SHOULD NOT BE MISSED.   

ai wei wei snake earthquake disasterWhile I was at Parsons for my design studies; on the West Coast there was an exhibit that was creating quite a stir.   The Dinner Party created by Judy Chicago; then at the forefront of “Feminist Art” – even today there are not many artists who can claim that genre.   I’ve had that exhibition catalogue  for years in my Library, and now its here,  presented at the Brooklyn Museum.    It is Judy’s creative dinner party with female guests who she has honored, admired, and appreciated their accomplishes whether they are mythical, historical, literary – saintly.    This is her personal journey understanding and acknowledging the empowerment of women throughout time.    The two shown here is one place setting for Georgia O’Keefe and the second is Eleanor Aquitaine.JudyChicago.GeorgiaOKeefe20140730_123545