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The Butterfly in the Room

    Have you ever walked through a butterfly house?  I remember doing it as a child and recently visited the Butterfly Conservatory and The Museum of Natural History.  What a wonderful experience!  Everyone should take some time to enjoy the delicate beauty of these fluttering creatures. 

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Holiday Decorating Tips, from me to you!

Deck the halls with boughs of holly…or so the song says.  However, you can mix traditional and contemporary decorations to bring holiday warmth and sophistication into your home.  Our natural instinct when decorating for the holiday is go with  red and green, or whatever belief you may

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Pulling it Together

Sometimes inspiration comes from artwork, a theme or a individual’s personality.  Other times, it comes from working around a piece of furniture that is overwhelming a space.  There are some colors that I’m just not crazy about.  I don’t design rooms that use these colors on the

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