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Do I Need to Get the LED OUT?

We have all seen them.  They are the funny tubes of colored lights we used to decorate our children’s parties, or on the deck for summer barbeques, or as part of our kids’ crazy dorm room decor. They have advanced and are used in public areas –

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Is space planning an aesthetic or a necessity?

Some of you may know me as working on residential projects – however, when I first started in this field, I was working with firms that specialized in corporate interiors and had the opportunity to work on some of the major law firms and professional organizations in

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Finding the Right Wall Color

Color selection is a thoughtful and sometimes time-consuming process.  As a designer, I cannot just pick any color!  In fact, some colors have so many nuances and undertones, that it can be challenging to select the right ones.  Some factors influencing wall color selection include: window direction

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Raise the Ceiling

I’m working on a bedroom right now.  The room has a northern exposure which means it feels darker.  My goal is to help the room feel brighter and larger.  One way to achieve this is to raise the ceiling – at least visually if not physically. It

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