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Size Matters!


Hey, you’re excited. You have a brand new home or perhaps you’re staying where you are but have decided to chuck the old furniture (or some of it anyway) and set about doing a little redecorating. It’s been a long time coming!

That old sofa, heck that’s got to go, and you want to replace it with that outrageously gorgeous modular sofa that you can envision right there in that very space.

And you want some new chairs too, something bigger and more comfy and maybe even with an ottoman.

But wait! How’s this new furniture going to fit into the space anyway? I mean you’re not planning on any major expansion; heck no.  But really, can it all fit?

I hate to say it but chances are probably not.  This is a very common situation encountered by those of us, like myself, who work with clients to help them design their space. As space planning and interior design professionals,  we take into account important considerations like the traffic flow of the room, location of sources of lighting, our client’s unique vision and goals for the space, physical structure and design (we can’t easily move those windows!) and everything else that contributes to planning for an aesthetically pleasing space. 

You see, professionals have an ability to visualize the space, keep in mind proportions and dimensions and create spatial solutions that work. This ability comes from years of experience (in my case 30+ years!) and that’s why a space planner will keep you from making mistakes like buying that oversized sofa or placing the chairs directly in the path of traffic.  We provide creativity to give you what you need; furniture doesn’t always have to be placed against a wall.

So whether it’s a new space or you are redecorating your current home, working with a professional space planner will simplify and ease the process, and provide for a more successful outcome.  As an added bonus, you will also save time and money that might have been spent on furnishings that are not right for the room.

We’ll provide you with plans, solutions and plenty of options and when it is all said and done you’ll have a clear and distinct idea of how you can turn your space into a beautiful and functional room.

And that’s what’s all about, right?