insights on creating innovative spaces

Raise the Ceiling

I’m working on a bedroom right now.  The room has a northern exposure which means it feels darker.  My goal is to help the room feel brighter and larger.  One way to achieve this is to raise the ceiling – at least visually if not physically.

It is possible to create the illusion of space and lightness by selecting a color and finish that adds a sparkle to the room.  In this room, we selected a pale blue, glossy finish for the ceiling.  The pale blue draws the eye up while the glossy finish reflects light.  The combination of color and shine makes the ceiling appear higher than it actually is.  The room feels brighter.  This is similar to the use of mirrors to make a small room feel larger.

When you are thinking about painting a room, consider the purpose of the room, lighting exposures, traffic flow, artwork, window treatments, furniture and use of complementary or contrasting colors.