insights on creating innovative spaces

Pulling it Together

Sometimes inspiration comes from artwork, a theme or a individual’s personality.  Other times, it comes from working around a piece of furniture that is overwhelming a space.  There are some colors that I’m just not crazy about.  I don’t design rooms that use these colors on the wall.  I’m happy for them to be used in accent pieces, but not as the focal point.  However, many times clients choose to keep existing pieces due to budget. 

As I designer I need to figure out how to pull the room together and de-emphasize what I feel is a piece that is overwhelming the room either due to color, pattern or size.   For example, imagine a bold yellow sofa (and I mean YELLOW) that immediately draws the eye and does not allow you to see anything else in the room.  My client was very happy with the yellow sofa and was not interested in reupholstering it.

Fortunately the yellow uphostery fabric had woven pattern in the shape of leaves.  I had already seen  a patterned drapery fabric, which I loved, that had a leaf type pattern.  I often see fabrics that just speak to me and I keep them in mind as I’m working with various clients.   This drapery fabric did not have any yellow in it, but did have flecks of gold and it picked up the leaf pattern from the sofa upholstery. The drapery fabric also introduced other, neutral, yet warm colors such as a silvery gray and taupe.  I had pillows made using the taupe color for use on the sofa.  They help to soften the impact of the yellow and draw the eye around the room.