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Insurance to the Rescue….Mmm, Maybe Not.

Our home. Our sanctuary. It’s where we feel safe and at peace, where at the end of the day we can relax and let down our guard.

So imagine how you’d feel if at the end of the day or when returning home from a vacation you came back to the damage brought about by a flood. Okay, maybe not a Katrina or Sandy-like flood with water going up 4, 6 or 8 feet in your rooms, but, a flood nonetheless.

Yes, less water but an awful headache and short and long-term ramifications.

You hope that it never happens but it is certainly not out of the realm of possibility. Like in many situations, a little advance preparation (AKA insurance!) and understanding of what you MUST do if and when the unthinkable occurs, will potentially save you time, money and stress.

Everyone says that “it can’t happen to me” but of course it can, so with that being said here’s what you must do if this situation occurs:

Call your insurance agent immediately and insist that a professional come to your home to do mold readings. Be aware that your walls may “feel dry,” they may not look “too bad” but that might not truly be the case. (I had a client that was certain there was no mold yet after a mold reading she had to promptly move out of her apartment and into a hotel so that mold remediation could take place.)

Understand that water damage is insidious. Walls might look and feel dry to the touch but there is often dampness behind the walls where it is dark and where mold will easily grow. Your health can be at risk; don’t allow anyone to tell you that “all is well” without consulting your own expert.

Once you have taken care of the structural problems caused by water damage it’s time for a redesign. This is the fun part! It’s a great opportunity to take a look at what you might want to change, to purchase some new furnishings and get an updated look for the room/s that were damaged.

P.S. It’s important to review your policy each year and make certain that you have adequate insurance for your current situation. Too many individuals simply renew their policies without taking into consideration changes in their home environment.