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Help, It Just Doesn’t Fit

Country Home Living RoomHoney, the sofa goes there; the end tables should be positioned on either side.

Um, no dear, the wall is too short so the end tables don’t fit. I told you that we shouldn’t have purchased that sofa. I don’t know how we are going to arrange this stuff after all. This place look like s–t!

Have you ever said something similar?

Bitching and moaning about space or the lack thereof is pretty common amongst New Yorkers. Our apartments are often small, space is at a premium and for those lucky enough to reside in more commodious quarters, the sheer confusion of figuring out what to buy and where to put it can be overwhelming. And mistakes, expensive mistakes, are often made.

Enter space planning as executed by an interior designer.

Think it will be too expensive? Think again, in fact, NOT having a plan done by a professional can cost you MORE money.

Here’s why:

Interior designers can look at a space and envision just how the furniture would be best positioned. They know what kind of furniture will work, while at the same time taking into account your personal preferences and functionality. Most of all, they will eliminate the time and money spent on furniture and accessories that simply won’t work in the space.

Designers can do this successfully based on a combination of intrinsic talent; coupled with years of experience doing space studies in apartments and homes, big and small, with a diversity of clients. They work with disparate tastes and budgets and provide a positive experience for all.

Space planning is part art, part science and can’t be learned overnight! You may live in 3, 5, 10 homes in your entire life, Interior Designers work on that many in the course of a month. Save time, save money and remember that you don’t need to go it along”.