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Pulling it Together

Sometimes inspiration comes from artwork, a theme or a individual’s personality.  Other times, it comes from working around a piece of furniture that is overwhelming a space.  There are some colors that I’m just not crazy about.  I don’t design rooms that use these colors on the

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Let Us Give Thanks

As we are all giving thanks for the bounty of this season, let’s give thanks to the inspirations it provides:  –          Warmth comes from more than a fireplace, it comes for the color that infuses a room and the people sharing it with you –          Beauty is

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hello world!

I’ve been designing residential and commercial spaces for over 25 years and I still get asked, “Pat, how did you get started in this business?”  To be honest, I chuckle every time and say “It was an accident!” When I was in high school I enjoyed my

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