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Stressed out? Maybe Your Walls Are to Blame.

You’re at home, and you just want to relax. Or maybe you’re spending more time than you’d like in the office, and you’re feeling like you can’t catch a break. In either case, your environment can make a huge difference in how smoothly your day goes. And

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The Surprising Design Connection between Kitchens and Labs

Work – especially in New York – takes up plenty of attention in life. Some people believe that your design style from home can’t interfere with your design in the office, and vice versa. But that’s not the case, as many of my clients find out. Sometimes,

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It’s Time to Take Chances with Art

When I was a student at Parsons, one of my instructors said that there’s neither good design nor bad design – just a better solution. I think that’s true, and it can be true with the art you keep in your home or office, too. As both

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Isn’t a New Layout Enough?

If you are a commercial business, you have sought, found and leased commercial space.  Sometimes the space is completely unstructured giving you the opportunity to design your space from scratch.  Other times the space reflects the office layout of the previous tenant and may even include furniture. 

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Is space planning an aesthetic or a necessity?

Some of you may know me as working on residential projects – however, when I first started in this field, I was working with firms that specialized in corporate interiors and had the opportunity to work on some of the major law firms and professional organizations in

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