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Agreeing to Love Each Other Through the Design Process

Redesigning a home or apartment (or even an office) is exciting, yes?

Sure it is, but interior design, whether simply choosing a new paint color or refurnishing an entire apartment, can often cause disagreement and conflict.

Design is personal, a reflection of who we are and how we want others to see us. In my 30+ years of practice, I’ve watched happy couples nearly come to blows over not “seeing each other’s vision.”

And of course, sometimes a client will even disagree with my own professional opinion. That’s when interior design can become a minefield. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

My finest business and design moments come as a result of compromise. My client understands my practice. I understand my client’s vision. Together we decide on a design best suited for their lifestyle and vision. The spirit of compromise prevails when both client and designer are comfortable with a space’s new look.

I’ve also found that trust is a major factor in the production of a well-balanced space. I never settle on a design until a client trusts I can carry it out—yes, without breaking budgets or backs. Likewise I must trust the client commissioning me as an expert designer and not a magician. Trust enables both parties to be an authority on the project, share a vision and manage expectations towards a shared goal.

At the end of the day the productive work we do is about compromise and trust. It should feel good to sit together in a room when it’s complete. After all, comfort should be mutual.