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Monthly archive for June 2014

Help, It Just Doesn’t Fit

Honey, the sofa goes there; the end tables should be positioned on either side. Um, no dear, the wall is too short so the end tables don’t fit. I told you that we shouldn’t have purchased that sofa. I don’t know how we are going to arrange

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Art Deco in Japan

I just returned from vacation on the North Coast of Oregon. First stopping in Seattle where I saw the “Art Deco in Japan” exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum in Volunteer Park, an Olmstead creation. The Kani Earthquake in 1920 opened up the opportunity for rebuilding in

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Fencing in the Schools

Designers often have lives outside of being creative for our Clients. I had the good fortune, at the request of the Kravet Showroom Manager at 200 Lex, Sheela Herr (and her son John), to attend Duel for the School, a fundraising Event sponsored by Fencing in the

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