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Monthly archive for May 2014

Mentoring with Masters

On Saturday, I was able to attend a Portrait lecture by David Leffel at the Salmagundi Club. David Leffel is considered to be the modern Rembrandt. The lecture was both educational and very inspiring. The Salmagundi Club held a Mentoring with Masters Program on Sunday, where I

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Antiques in a Contemporary Setting

I also attended a seminar on how to mix Antiques in a Contemporary or Modern setting. The key to getting this right is Balance, Color and Scale. And the pieces also need to have significance to those that occupy the space.

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The Science of Light

I was able to attend a lecture at Benjamin Moore called The Science of Light. In it, was discussed how Light and Temperature Sources can affect the way a color is perceived. Selecting the proper color really is a science; many elements need to be considered and

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Size Matters!

Hey, you’re excited. You have a brand new home or perhaps you’re staying where you are but have decided to chuck the old furniture (or some of it anyway) and set about doing a little redecorating. It’s been a long time coming! That old sofa, heck that’s

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