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Yearly archive for 2013

You’re Bringing WHAT? How to Select House Gifts For the Holiday

Tis’ the season and all that good stuff. Lots of parties, invitations for cocktails and dinners and visits to friends and family alike. And because you’re read your Emily Post and always want to do the right thing you know that you mustn’t go to these events

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When Your Design Is So Quirky, It Will Impact Re-Sale

You LOVE your design idea, right. Sure you do! It captures the very essence of your personality, reflects your style and feels, well, oh-so-right.

That’s fantastic except when your design is so far “out there,” so quirky, so unique to YOU; it is quite possible that it will impact the re-sale value of your apartment or home.

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Agreeing to Love Each Other Through the Design Process

Redesigning a home or apartment (or even an office) is exciting, yes? Sure it is, but interior design, whether simply choosing a new paint color or refurnishing an entire apartment, can often cause disagreement and conflict. Design is personal, a reflection of who we are and how

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Home is Where Your Heart is…And Your “Stuff” Too!

As a practicing Interior Designer for 30+ years I have had the opportunity to work with people that are minimalists by nature, and coupled with their spare aesthetic they are also incredibly tidy with the items they do possess. On the other end of the spectrum are

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