insights on creating innovative spaces

sailing into small spaces

I get my design  inspiration from many places.  I often am asked to address storage issues in small spaces.  When this happens I think about the efficiency of the cabin of a sailboat.  Everything has its place.  Doors are opened and closed with intent.  Each space has a purpose.

While we land lubbers tend to leave cups and saucers on the counter, magazines on the coffee table and toys on the floor, this doesn’t work on a sail boat.  Everything must be properly stowed so as not to slide around when the boat keels over as it flies with the wind.

When designing small spaces, I think about who is occupying the space, how they will use it and what clothing, objects, belongings they need to store.  Earlier this year I converted a former servants’ quarters in a “classic six” apartment  into bedrooms for two teenagers. We used the principles of yacht design to make the most of these small spaces.

Raised platform beds provided underneath storage for sports equipment, musical instruments and such. The convector enclosure in one room, when opened, becomes a desk and, in order to keep floor space clear, shelving was installed just beneath the ceiling.  Every cabinet and shelf was designed with purpose, taking into account how to make the best use of the limited space available.