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Holiday Decorating Tips, from me to you!

Deck the halls with boughs of holly…or so the song says.  However, you can mix traditional and contemporary decorations to bring holiday warmth and sophistication into your home.  Our natural instinct when decorating for the holiday is go with  red and green, or whatever belief you may follow.  It’s simple.  It’s easy.  But, it doesn’t always highlight a room to its best advantage.  Here are some tips for your holiday decorating:

Broaden the holiday color palette:  Look at the overall color scheme of your home (we all have one!) and select greens and reds that complement those colors.  For example, if blue is a consistent color theme in your house, greens are a soft, natural complement.  However, it is not necessary to stick to forest green, pine green or hunter green.  Think turquoise, lime green, aqua, teal.  It will make the blue seem blue-er and brighten the room.  For red or orange color themes, consider using magenta, voilets, lavendars mixed in with your reds, oranges, or yellow rooms.  These will truly get the embers going – even if you don’t have a fireplace!!!

Don’t be afraid to try something different:  Candles and garland are two of the most popular accessories used to decorate a home for the holidays.   You don’t have to follow tradition and only use pine garland or red or white candles.  It’s your home.  Let these accessories highlight your existing décor.  Consider garlands made of unusual materials (fabric, things from nature, unusual greenery or vegetation, nuts, buttons).  Think about how they can help a room pop.  Draw attention to a beautiful fireplace or a favorite  piece of art.   And don’t forget what is important to you and your family – get inspiration from your hobbies, interests and more importantly – what gives meaning to you at this time of year.  

 Recycle:  We often invest a lot of time and money in buying decorations that only come out of storage at the holidays.  Consider using accessories that can be repurposed at other times of the year.  Right now apothecary jars are available and are reasonably priced.  Imagine placing a small pine tree in one of these jars, with beach glass or sand, filling the bottom.  You’ve now mixed holiday décor with the theme of your home.  You can take this idea for your table top.  Use three glass jars, the center one being the tallest – use a potted holiday tree in each and of course, the center use a larger tree – or potted paper whites, whatever natural event you choose.  At the bottom, add fake snow, if you are surrounded by woods, gather fallen small pinecones or nuts or or small twigs.    If you are not buried in snow – find small pods of moss and place at the bottom of the jar – but once the holiday is over try and get it back where it was taken!    And, after the holidays, you can replace your containers with flower bulbs and  watch them grow during the cold winter months! 

Bottom line – it’s the holidays!  Bring warmth into your home.  Whatever or however you decide to decorate – especially table tops – everything is better in threes – or when it comes to in filling items, odd numbers.     The idea of threes, comes from the Japanese design philosophy of balance.   Think about what you want people to see when they walk into a room and make sure they are not overwhelmed or distracted by too many decorations or too much color. Think about what makes you smile as you enjoy the holiday season and use that as inspiration for your home’s holiday décor!

If you have other ideas, please let me know and I’ll share with my fans!!!

P.S. Here are some tips for where you can find inexpensive, re-usable items for holiday decorating: