Making Your Design Decisions in the Right Order

  • Order the furniture? Check.
  • Paint the rooms? Check.
  • Break down the wall between the rooms? Check.
  • Get a plumber for new bathroom fixtures? Check.
  • Install wiring? Check.
  • Install window treatments? Check.
  • Install floor coverings? Check.
  • Hang artwork? Check.

And so on and so forth, detail after detail all coming together into one seamless project, the end result a beautiful concept turned into reality. Agree?

Well yes it should go that way but all too often there is a disconnect between the various parties involved in the design project and resulting in “the cart before the horse.”

It’s really a finely executed dance with each step following the other in sublime synergy and the one person that can make this all go right is, you guessed it, your interior designer.

If that’s the case then why is it that so many people march off and follow their own schedule of events not taking into consideration all of the moving parts that must come together as a whole.




For instance:

  •  The painting is done and is flawless but oh no, there’s more wiring that must be finished in order for all the technology to operate.
  •  You scheduled the painter – but now you want to add sconces to the room or picture lights to accent your new art BUT you don’t want to see the wire and plug. You stop the painter but he is going on vacation and he won’t be able to reschedule for two months!
  •  You couldn’t help yourself and purchased an antique desk that you KNOW will fit perfectly in the room. In great spirits you get it home and alas there’s no way it’s going to fit into the corner that you envisioned and so you now start to move around all of the other furniture that has been placed by the designer with consideration for lighting, wiring and so forth.

You get the picture!

You hired an interior designer to make certain these types of “challenges” don’t occur, right?

  •  You want their professional assessment of the space and how it can be configured to provide the most aesthetically pleasing environment.
  •  You know that your own design skills are weak and need the expertise of someone that can make happen what you visualized.
  •  You’re crunched for time and need someone to be the liaison with the contractors and as for the shopping, you need them to do that as well.
  •  u don’t have an unlimited budget and an interior designer will ultimately save you money by eliminating design mistakes, identifying the most cost effective furniture solutions and more.


  • AND…your interior designer will project manage everything so that time and money aren’t wasted in the misalignment of steps.


Aren’t those enough reasons to keep your interior designer “in the loop” right from the beginning and BEFORE you take some unnecessary and poorly timed actions? Now I know that you agree with that!


                         DESIGN IS NOT A LUXURY, BUT A COST VALUE

                                 IN CREATING A BEAUTIFUL SPACE!

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