Your Dream House – It starts with the right paint choices

Farrow & Ball, Old White

putnam-county-1 Resized by 150 PercentThat ultimate dream home is the feeling viewer’s often cite when speaking of the homes seen in moves like Something’s Gotta Give and Father of the Bride, both of these films are set in the kind of house that most dream of living in.   One of the appealing things about those homes are their wonderful, yet subtle color palettes which remind me of a paint called “fawn” by Farrow and Ball.  It is a color that is so soothing and sophisticated – and it changes with the light and the seasons; a paint chameleon if you will.   It can be a soft sage, or a mellow bronze, but it works with any color scheme – soft blues, silver, charcoal gray, and bar browns.

As a designer, I don’t believe in “go to color” – color should be used to evoke a mood and is balanced with natural light, as well as the surrounding materials – color is the partner in a dance!

Neutral colors can provide a great backdrop for your more dramatic furniture and accessories; at first glance they may sound boring – but they are anything but!   Think of them like the supporting ase of your home’s movie.  In the brown and beige range ou can go from creamy latte to a deep coca.  Shades of grey can range from silver to slate, and from cool to warm, depending on its undertones.  Called the new brown or the new black, grey can also provide a nice alternative to white.

For warm neutrals – Farrow & Ball’s Old White is one of my most favorite neutrals – this is a color that can work with anything, as it “will look white in any  ‘old’ situation” according to it manufacturer.  It’s midtown undertones play beautifully against natural stones like field stone or slate, woods whether they are deep wenge or red oak, it is fabulous with rich colors – charcoal grays, reds, and blues.  It brings balance without boredom.

Whatever neutral you choose, you can create a defined, crisp look against your earthy walls by adding white trim.   With a neutral canvas to build on, you can them accent your space in any number of color ways ranging from cool blues an grays to warm orange and red tones or any other colors on the spectrum.   Each will evoke its own feeling, modd and ambiance transforming your base neutral palette into a more dynamic and dramatic space and experience.

When it comes to white, there are at least 135 shades to choose from.  I love the freshness of Benjamin Moore’s China White – it has a crisp undertone of grey and it just grounds a room!  Combine two or three different whites in the same room such as for walls, ceiling and baseboards, and you can create a feeling of dimension, layers and texture to a space simply using different shades of a color.

Think of your paint color as the canvas, and your furniture and accessories the brushstrokes and make up and complete the picture that is your home.

It may be hard to envision how a color will look once your home is decorated and accessorized                                  .IMG_0004

As an artist and designer, I can help you select the perfect color canvas to build your dream home around!!



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