Saturday in the City

A last minute invite to join friends at the Metropolitan Museum of Art was an inspirational afternoon.    We went to see the costume exhibit:   China:   Through the Looking Glass.

If you haven’t seen it – its a must for everyone.   From Yves Saint Laurent to Alexander McQueen,  Chanel to Tom Ford – all of their collections throughout the years have been greatly influenced by China – starting with Mao’s rule.    After seeing this, I know what fashion era I should have lived in!!!   How about you?     As an interior designer, the textiles, textures and colors opened up a new palette to be used in future projects.

As a painter, I left my friends who needed to leave the City and wandered to two other exhibits:  John Singer Sargent:  Artists and Friends –  In my opinion no one can do fabric drapery and folds like he can;  his use of variations of whites for exploring  satins and lace???   I can stare at them for hours.

And finally, one of my favorite painters:   Van Gogh – Irises and Roses.     This was not just about the flowers – an interesting slideshow examined the colors that Vincent used in these famous paintings compared to how they are seen today.   The soft whites of his roses were really striking pinks with a background of green.   His original colors were so vibrant using pigments that all these masters had – that in today’s manufacturing cannot duplicate.     This exhibition brought me to tears – I can’t wait to get back to my paint brushes.

I recommend all three exhibitions highly – they are not to be missed.

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