A trip to Metropolitan Opera – lesson learned

Last evening I attended the performance of Verdi’s opera, Ernani with Placido Domingo as Don Carlo, King of Spain.     I will admit that my appreciation and understanding of opera is limited at best.   As a designer and painter, I’ve come to appreciate what the arts have for each of us.    One evening offered the experience of what architecture can create to house music, a plaza designed to offer an open space in a crowded concrete City.   To enter this building your eyes fall on the murals of Chagall along with the crystal chandeliers to light the path into the magnificent stage.    I was transported to the 16th Century Courts of Spain with the period dress worn by these musical artists.    It didn’t matter that I did not know the foreign words  that were sung so beautifully – Its the richness of art and culture that is the equalizer for all of us – its the bridge that connects our past with our future.   It helps us to understand the world around us – we can  no longer see ourselves as individual countries, but rather as  a global whole- The weekend is coming up – find joy and experience your choice of music or art or a completely new adventure.     May we all take the chance to stop and smell a new rose!!!


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