Romancing the Stone – Tips For Creating Romance in Your Home Year Round

Whether you live in a center hall colonial, cottage by the sea, a ranch in the high sierras, or a midtown apartment, there are ways to keep the romantic fires burning under your roof, every day of the year.

Yes, I know Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and with it, short-lived romantic gestures and much anxiety. There will be tons of chocolates and dozens of roses bought – and by the next morning, half eaten chocolates end up in the fridge and the resulting guilt sends you running to the gym as your roses are dropping petals on the floor and the water in their vase is already turning murky!!!

Why should romance be only once a year!   Your home, your private sanctuary from the gruel of everyday living need not be devoid of romance all the time.  Here are my top tips for creating a romantic atmosphere in your home:


As I’ve talked about before in my blog and in conversations with my clients, lighting can break or make a room.  It sets the tone for relaxation and comfort as well as creating a pleasing atmosphere. It is the easiest, way to change your ambiance and create romance. Here are a few of the most effective ways to use lighting in your home:

Dimmers can be added to all the light switches in your rooms. From dining rooms to bedrooms, dimmers can change the mood of a room in the second it takes to move the dial, changing bright light into a soothing, romantic feel.

Under cabinet lighting can transform utilitarian rooms like the kitchen into pleasing, warm spaces. Once this room has served its purpose for the day, switch to under cabinet lights and enjoy their effect on decompressing you from the day’s tasks.

Candles are the standard and obvious choice for romantic dates and special occasions in restaurants and at home. I believe they should be on display daily to lend atmosphere and romance to your home.  One of my favorite ways to use candles is with large lantern style holders; they should be part of the décor and can be placed in every room.  Pottery Barn and West Elm are two places where you can find affordable options for these candleholders.

A group of lanterns can take the place of a fireplace when there  isn’t  one – they can be used as a source of light when watching your favorite movie and a great relaxer for simply enjoying a conversation.  Set up a trio of candles in every room of your home.


 While it’s always lovely to receive beautiful flowers that make us feel special – this treat should be shared by everyone under your roof – make it part of your weekly shopping ritual and bring home a bouquet.

You can get more mileage and pleasure out of a bouquet by utilizing a variety of arrangements from a single bud in a small vase, a flower or two floating in a small bowl of water, or the full bouquet. Unusual and unexpected floral displays add variety and a sense of play. Everyday items can make for attractive and unexpected floral containers – from mason jars, simple drinking glasses, to metal water cans. Every room can become more romantic with the addition of even a single flower, from your bedroom nightstand or dresser, the bathroom vanity or your kitchen counter.

  Flowers are always appreciated, and bring a smile even on the dreariest, rainy day.  

Not just for Special Occasions

 Treat yourself specially every day. Two things that are always underutilized in a home, because they are thought of for “special occasions only” are formal dinnerware and formal dining rooms.  I’ve always wondered why do we wait to have a special occasion to use our “special stuff”?

Treat yourself as though you are special, and every day is a special occasion! So many people have kept “special things” in boxes and rarely get to enjoy them, when they can provide joy and romance on a regular basis. While it is not always relaxing to enjoy these moments when we have small children – they can serve as part of the special occasion – we use them to teach a lesson in social graces, as well as treating oneself well – two concepts that are sadly getting lost in our fast paced high tech world.

To insure the feeling of calm and romance, keep cell phones and chargers in your home office or entryway. Never in the bedroom or living room; there is nothing that is that important to disturb the most private and serene rooms in your home!!!

Your home should be treated as your sanctuary – a shelter from all the frenzy created in this fast paced world.

 Make Valentine’s Day everyday in your home.  




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