Exhibition at Salmagundi Art Club

The Thumb Box Exhibition, made up of small works no larger than 108 sq. inches opens today through January 2.

All works in this exhibition are for sale at prices that would make someone a lovely gift for the holidays.

My piece,  “Morning at Bow Bridge”, has been accepted into this exhibition and the reception will be held on Thursday, Dec. 4 at 6 pm.

I hope you can stop by and join me at the reception.

www.Salmagundi.org    41 Fifth Avenue.

A Little Gem in the City

The other night after a meeting with a client, a colleague and I went for a lovely glass of wine and shared a small plate – and where? The Scandinavian House – right on Park Avenue and 38th St. Its my neighborhood and this little gem seems to escape me. Their cafe is airy, delightful service and wonderful food. Afterwards we took time to visit their Gift Shop and I must say – its one of the best Museum Shops in the City.  I have always found Scandinavian design crisp, innovative and always of the time.   Must be the cold clear air that keeps the natives sharp!   I dare you not to walk out without a gift for the holidays or for yourself – why not, you deserve it!

TRUE OR FALSE: Your Landlord Should Not Do your New Space Plan

Congratulations, you got new office space. After making do in space that you had outgrown years ago, you feel that you finally have the space to support your business goals and accommodate your short and long-term needs. FANTASTIC!

Your head is spinning with ideas and thoughts about how the office should be configured and while your enthusiasm in high, you also know that you’ll need a professional to help you with the space plan for the office.

Who best to d that plan– well, the landlord, right? Um, wrong, DEAD WRONG! Here’s why:
– Designing your space isn’t the landlord’s priority; renting the space to you is and they have already accomplished that. (It’s a done deal!)

— The process is as follows: the landlord will hire an architect to do the base drawings for their tenants so that they can ten obtain all of the necessary work permits for the construction that is required. You (the tenant)think that you are getting all of this for free but actually it is an (invisible)cost that has been built into your lease on an ongoing basis (even at renewal). (C’mon, you know that there is no such thing as a free lunch so why should this surprise you?!)

— A landlord won’t take the requisite time to learn about your business in-depth. The specific needs of the workers are not addressed and the end result might be space that does not support the actual workflow and requirements of the office staff. You might find yourself having to make do with the space that has been designed and who wants to have to make do in their new office space. Why should you have to settle for less than what you wanted/needed?

— This isn’t the landlord’s core business and they will not be thinking about the office technology, office efficiencies, etc.


NOW wouldn’t you agree that working with a space planner is a better option?:

— A space planner will take the time to assess your current business, observe your business in action and will not only ask you questions about your current situation but will probe for future needs as well.

— They’ll take the time to truly understand your vision and work with you to configure the layout to best support your goals, office operations and efficient workflow. They’ll interview your staff to get an accurate perspective on how the space will be “used” vs. how it “looks.”

— Their experience and understanding of what works and what doesn’t will help ensure that all of your requirements are met right from the ginning without the need to make corrections once the initial work is completed.

So sign your lease and break open a bottle of champagne and after that’s done hire a space planner so that the job gets done right the first time.


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