Helpful Tips for Surviving Home Renovations



It’s been a lovely – though very hot – summer, and now that fall is fast approaching, I’m back in the thick of design projects in New York and New Jersey. I hope you’re starting a successful new season, too.

I’ve realized that one of the most common questions from my clients is what to expect when their homes are being renovated. Construction projects at home can be exciting: You get a partially new place to live without having to move. However, the process can be intimidating and surprising for those who haven’t done it before.

My biggest tip? Consider the budget before starting. Although clients tend to ask what projects will cost, expenses can run the gamut, and I can’t answer that directly without knowing specific information about clients’ needs. Will you use high-end appliances? What type of flooring and lighting do you prefer? What upgrades do you need? I recommend compiling two lists: a wish list and a need list. What seems like a great cost-saver at the beginning might end up adding a fortune to the total price later, so it’s important to be realistic (though budget-aware) upfront. Beyond that, I suggest choosing a contractor you feel comfortable with and can trust. I have a few wonderful contractors in my network that I collaborate with over and over again for that very reason.


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